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We feel that the Atlantic policy review, which began in the spring, should be put on hold. This is not the time to go forward with such an initiative, as the fishing industry is preoccupied with the Marshall decision. But on the size increase from three and three-sixteenths to three and a quarter, it’s not a very significant weight of the lobster itself.

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  • They use a system of days at sea, with no quota output control, so to speak.
  • To some fishermen, probably to native fishermen, it looks attractive because it’s easy access, and if you look at the newspapers you hear the terrific amount of money people are making in the lobster fishery.
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I want to thank you, Mr. Hunka, for your presentation. I was interested in hearing your plea for the opportunity to talk. You listed a number of departments and agencies and so on.

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It had to be abandoned although it did do much good. The Commission of Government agreed whole-heartedly in destroying this menace. He says an abundance of dogfish affect unfavourably every other fishery, particularly net fisheries, such as salmon, and codfishing, particularly handlining and trawls.

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Everyone we’ve talked with here tells us that the solution has to come from local sources first, not from the bureaucrats in Ottawa. When I look at this it seems, from a distance at least, that after September 17, when the first Marshall decision came down, the native groups were, as we might say in Newfoundland, on the pig’s back. They had judgments that they thought gave them tremendous power, influence, and control of not only fisheries, but a lot of other resources as well.

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Out of that 20 pounds—and I’ve watched it—are pretty good-sized lobster, about one and a half to two and a half pounds, and 75% happen to be females. If my boat is not paid by now, there’s a problem. But there’s a lot of concern among these younger fishermen. They’ve mortgaged their house and everything they have.


Now if he wants to catch a cod he has to buy it from somebody else. I mentioned in my little presentation that I think the lobster fishery is a pretty good fishery. There are problems now, in terms of the kinds of dollars you need to get into that fishery and who’s starting to buy up the licences. If you’re a young fisherman and you want to get into the fishery, you have to spend $300,000 to $400,000.

BHP Group Ltd, the world’s biggest miner by market value, said on Wednesday that inflationary pressures would remain a challenge next year, but that China will provide a source of stability for commodity demand. “We do expect the lag effect of inflationary pressures to remain a persistent challenge through the 2023 financial year,” Agar said. A move back through to $10,620 levels would support another run at the first major resistance level at $10,822.67. Liquidnet is an ATS that provides trading in securities for Participants and Access Persons. Liquidnet enables Access Persons to trade securities directly and anonymously with other Access Persons. The Liquidnet system facilitates negotiation between parties placing compatible orders in securities listed on TSX, TSXV or CSE and routes orders for securities traded on various foreign exchanges.

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I find that an offensive term and not one of cooperation toward solving the problems that have arisen since the Marshall decision has come down. I’m not on the lobster advisory, so I pretty well can’t say when Spinney would have done that. Thank you, Hubert, for coming to this meeting.

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They would be buying complete enterprises and would not only be putting all their hopes on lobsters alone. They would fish herring, tuna, and groundfish, and they would become complete fishermen. Anybody could go and buy a licence up until that time.

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One thing we’ve realized is that not all reserves throughout Nova Scotia have the same needs or all the same wants. Some are not interested in fishing, but others are very interested in fishing. It just depends on where they’re located and what their history was. The group was formed by the eight smaller organizations along the gulf shore—North of Smokey Fishermen’s Association, Cheticamp and Area Fishermen’s Association, Inverness North, Inverness South. Also Gulf Nova Scotia Bonafide, Maritime Fishermen’s Union Local 4, Northumberland Fishermen’s Association, and Cumberland North. We represent about 80% of the people on the gulf shore of Nova Scotia.

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A lot of the uncertainty was coming from people reading something into it. And you must admit that the original decision had some significant questions attached to it. At this time, we’ve been building our dialogue with the Americans about those https://forexbroker-listing.com/ issues of better assessment of the transboundary stocks. There have been some discussions surrounding management approaches, but it’s very different in their system. They use a system of days at sea, with no quota output control, so to speak.

But we haven’t gotten into the issue of fixing any percentages, nor have we had any other discussions like that on this coast with the United States. In the NAFO forum, it’s a well-established process. It then flows into the Canadian quota regime, which should ensure regional issues are looked after. With the Americans per se, in terms of a rigid percentage or a percentage of who gets what on the boundary line between Canada and the United States on the east coast, there is no agreement at this time. The treaty we had in the mid-1970s with the United States guaranteed them access to a whole range of resources across the Scotian Shelf, in the gulf, and in Newfoundland. They actually had negotiated access in the gulf for redfish, for some of the cod elements, and for some of the haddock along the Scotian Shelf, and things like that.

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